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To ‘Pokémon Go’ Where No App Has Gone Before

red bicycle down by a pond

For those of you who haven’t mustered the nerve to ask your daughter or co-worker what the latest gaming craze is all about, we’re here for you. Think of Pokémon Go as a digital scavenger hunt or game of Capture the Flag…

Millennials’ Message to Managers: Game On

young diverse group of workers on their devices

If you haven’t heard, Zelda and Link will reunite in Breath of the Wild, the newest “Legend of Zelda” installment, to be released in 2017. While gamers still know next to nothing about Nintendo’s newest videogame system…

Creating Meaningfulness for Millennial Workers

woman smiling at an interview

With Millennial-age employees becoming the largest generational group in the workforce, senior leaders are dying to know: What do they want? How do we keep them from job hopping? What planet are they from?…

The Classical Age of Talent Management is Now

roman statue

The ancient Greeks didn’t contribute much to the world of art, aside from developing and defining the major forms, techniques, perspectives, and philosophies we still use today….

What Does Company Culture Look Like?

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The phrase “company culture” gets tossed around a lot in modern business discourse. It must be important because people keep talking about it, but what is it? Most definitions fall along the generic lines…

The Wrong Employee… or the Wrong Role?

woman stressed looking at a computer

Every office, warehouse, and production facility has one: an employee who takes up an inequitable portion of the supervisor’s time and effort. This employee may bring important knowledge…

Executive Coaching is Not Just for Executives

women discussing plans at a table

When you hear “Executive Coaching,” do you imagine two senior leaders in high-backed leather chairs hashing out performance problems from inside a top-floor, corner office…

4 “Bad Manager” Habits that are Easily Fixed

man talking with colleagues listening

Bad Managers are great! Not for employees or the companies that employ them, but, for those of us tasked with creating web content, they are gold. Google the topic and see for yourself….