For those of you who haven’t mustered the nerve to ask your daughter or co-worker what the latest gaming craze is all about, we’re here for you. Think of Pokémon Go as a digital scavenger hunt or game of Capture the Flag. Except the whole United States is playing, and you’re racing to amass virtual Pokémon (pocket monsters) instead of old railroad ties!

Using your smartphone’s camera and GPS tracking, Pokémon Go employs “augmented reality” in an unprecedented way. Overlaying a digital landscape on top of the physical world to which you are accustomed, the game turns your ho-hum environment into a playable, competitive one.

Caliper Digital Marketing Specialist Justin Scerbo, a self-described passionate gamer, downloaded the New Zealand version of Pokémon Go a week before most Americans got their hands on the app. Now, he’s meeting people of all ages and walks of life during his quests to Pokéstops (game landmarks that provide your monsters with snacks and medicine) or Gyms (where Pokémon collected by Level 5 players do battle).

Mr. Scerbo says the game has “reinvented [his] sense of discovery” in regard to the physical world. After the app took him to an East Windsor, NJ park that he’s driven by countless times, he says Pokémon Go has led to “a new sense of purpose to visit places I would never have known.” That’s the amazing thing about the game. People are finding treasures hiding in plain sight.

Now take that same concept and transfer it to the business world. How many promising applicants appear camouflaged or go unseen? If only a tool existed to help your organization spot them…

Enter the Caliper Profile. Once you use a validated personality assessment that focuses on one’s inherent motivations – not just skills – everything you thought you knew about workplace success is flipped on its head. It takes a certain amount of brain retraining, but, as we’ve seen with Pokémon Go, you can reenter the very world you inhabit and see it anew. All it takes is a fresh perspective.

With Caliper’s products and analytics tool, you can enjoy a drastically different view of your existing workforce and rethink even your most basic assumptions, such as: What constitutes a good employee?

Caliper’s Research and Development Team helps you “disassemble” your long-held hiring and development practices and reverse-engineer your thinking. Armed with verifiable job models and a litany of data, Caliper works with you to identify the competencies needed to succeed in a given role at your organization. Slowly, you start knowing how to identify ideal employees.

Along the way, similar to a Pokémon Gym where players can train their Pokémon, your employees can attend Caliper University and receive the soft-skills education needed to accelerate their development. And just as the salamander-like Charmander can evolve into the fire-breathing Charizard dragon, your employees can reach their full potential once you understand how to harness their strengths and place them in an environment that aligns with their personality.