Caliper Quick View

Screen High Volumes of Candidates with Greater Precision

Sift through large candidate pools with ease and confidence

Applicants waiting for interview

Hiring for high volume, entry-level positions can be challenging. You want to quickly sift through applicants without missing the most qualified candidates. The Caliper Quick View measures personality traits and excludes all cognitive ability items. This reduces the time to complete the assessment to 25-35 minutes. It is appropriate for roles where abstract reasoning is not a critical component for success.

Caliper Quick View Validated Job Models:

  1. Account Service Specialist
  2. Bank Teller
  3. Customer Service Representative
  4. Document Management Specialist
  5. Foreman
  6. General Workforce
  7. Health Information Technician
  8. Hunter Sales
  9. Operator
  10. Service Associate
Quick View Example Screenshot

Make Informed Hiring Decisions

The Fit Score and Competency Overview provides an overview insight to the candidate’s fit with one of Caliper’s Job Models.

Caliper Fit Score screenshot
  • Automated Function Fit measures how likely candidates will succeed based on the competencies needed for the role
  • Easy-to-read reports provide color cues to quickly review results