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Caliper Essentials
For Selection

Select the Right Candidate From the Start

Nearly 74% of employers admit that they hired the wrong person for a position and this can be a costly mistake.1

The Caliper Profile employee assessment reduces the risk of a bad hire by integrating a consistent and validated process that relies on science to identify the best talent for your organization and job role.

Using data collected from the Caliper Profile, the Caliper Essentials for Selection Report Suite helps you gain insights about an individual’s traits, behaviors, and personality dynamics as they relate to a specific role.

We offer a variety of reports to support your hiring and selection needs.

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Caliper Essentials
for Selection

  • Interpretative report includes all measurable traits, work styles
  • Ideal for high-impact roles
  • Provides an overall fit score for 52 validated job models
  • Includes behavioral interview questions and manager recommendations
  • Designed for: Hiring Managers, Human Resources, Business Leaders

Caliper Essentials

  • Summary of scores for all measurable traits
  • Provides an overall fit score for 52 validated job models
  • Designed for: Recruiters who only want the scores

Caliper Essentials
Quick View

  • Simplified report provides a fit score for 10 validated job models
  • Shorter version of the Caliper Profile to sift through large pools of candidates
  • Includes personality related items
  • Does not measure cognitive ability
  • Suitable for entry-level and high-volume roles
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Caliper Analytics

The Power of Analytics is Real-time Access to Assessment Data

Caliper Analytics™ presents scientifically valid and reliable personality data to help you immediately answer critical talent-management questions.

Talent Metrics & Consultations

We help you bring your data to life.

Caliper’s Talent Metrics and Consulting teams can assist you with a wide variety of industry-leading services and talent management best practice. We offer services such as assessment debriefs, job profiling, competency mapping, data analysis, criterion validation studies, and organizational surveys.

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Development & Training

Once you hire the right employee, don’t put them through the rigors of additional testing or unrelated training. Using Caliper Essentials for development and training, you can onboard your new team members using the same data from the Caliper Profile to allow them to develop through self-awareness and guided microlearning modules that can teach to their strengths and developmental areas.

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With Caliper’s subscription packages, you get access to virtually unlimited reports at your fingertips to meet the constantly changing needs of your organization.