The Caliper Story

60 years of history, innovation, and success

2019 – 2001


2x Training Industry Award Winner

Training Industry selects Caliper as Top 20 Assessment Company second year in a row.

Higher-Education Program

Caliper launches Caliper on Campus for colleges to embed hands-on learning and assessment certification into their curricula.

Mental Toughness

Caliper shares research from professional sports and NCAA Division 1 athletes that analyze the traits that go into mental toughness.

Caliper Precision Series

Caliper launches Caliper Precision Series, a competency-based training platform using self-paced and coaching-enabled eLearning.


Caliper Essentials

Caliper launches a new suite of reports, Caliper Essentials.

Subscription Pricing

Caliper rolls out subscription pricing for clients.


On the Move Again

Caliper moves its HQ in Princeton.


Mark Greenberg Becomes CEO

Caliper’s founder, Dr. Herb Greenberg, passes away, and his son Mark Greenberg becomes CEO.


Book Publication

Caliper publishes Dr. Greenberg's biography, What You Aren't Seeing: How Using Your Hidden Potential Can Help You Discover the Leader Within, The Inspiring Story of Herb Greenberg.

Caliper Wins
HR Award for Excellence

Caliper wins the prestigious “HR Award for Excellence in the Area of Social Responsibility” for its work in the community.


Caliper Analytics

Caliper develops the innovative talent analytics platform, Caliper Analytics.

3x Brandon Hall Award Winner

Caliper wins the Brandon Hall Award for three consecutive years.


Book Revisions

Dr. Greenberg publishes revised edition of book, How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer.


Caliper Global Conference

Caliper holds a Global Conference in Philadelphia, PA, including speakers David Power of JD Power and Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.


50 Years of Success

Caliper celebrates its 50th anniversary with a gala held in Princeton, NJ.


Operations in Singapore

Caliper opens office in Singapore.


Book Publication

Caliper’s publishes book, Succeed on Your Own Terms, and it becomes a New York Times Best Seller.

Operations in China

Caliper opens office in China.


Harvard Business Review, Part 3

Dr. Greenberg publishes another article in the Harvard Business Review, ''Knowing What to Listen For.''


Company Growth

Caliper expands and moves into a larger office in Princeton, NJ.

Operations in Australia and Brazil

Caliper opens offices in Australia and Brazil.

Operations in Sweden and Germany

Caliper opens offices in Sweden and Germany.


Radio Show

Caliper broadcasts Winning in Business radio show.


Book Publication

Caliper’s publishes book, How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer.

Operations in Spain and Canada

Caliper opens offices in Spain and Canada.

2000 – 1961


Operations in the UK

Caliper opens office in the UK.


Operations Mexico

Caliper opens office in Mexico.


Book Revisions

Dr. Greenberg publishes revised edition of book, What it Takes to Succeed in Sales.


Sports Division

Caliper begins working with professional sports teams.


Harvard Business Review, Part 2

''Job Matching for Better Sales Performance'' publishes in the Harvard Business Review.


New Facility

Caliper constructs new facility in Princeton to accommodate growth.


Book Publication

Dr. Greenberg publishes book, The Successful Salesman.


Princeton, NJ

Caliper purchases office space in Research Park in Princeton, NJ.


Harvard Business Review

Dr. Greenberg's ground-breaking article, ''What Makes a Good Salesman,'' publishes in the Harvard Business Review.


Caliper is Founded

Caliper is founded by Herb Greenberg, PhD.