Analytics for Selection

Let Data Drive Your Talent Management

Elevate Individual and Organizational Data to the Fullest with an All-In-One Dashboard

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Caliper Analytics™

Real-time insights to drive talent management decisions.

Caliper Analytics™ provides the talent insights you need to consider when hiring new employees, making leadership and promotional decisions, and implementing other organizational initiatives.

Our Brandon Hall award-winning analytics platform is a data-driven workforce intelligence solution that provides tools for comparing, ranking, interpreting, and leveraging personality assessment data of potential new hires through a clear, compelling, and at-a-glance dashboard.

Caliper analytics

Features and Benefits

Immediate access to workforce intelligence tools based on the Caliper Profile.
Non-technical professionals are able to see critical talent insights and make real-time analysis.
The ability to create and save customized views to quickly identify and compare ideal candidates.
Users can sort and filter data, identify trends or outliers, and perform real-time comparisons.

Transform Your Organization

Whether you want to optimize performance data, or you are new to the assessment world and want in on big-data trends, Caliper Analytics is the place to start.