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Using Data to Understand Your Team – How a Talent Audit Helps You Enhance Team Performance

Data is at the center of everything we do. Do you know how to use it to optimize your team's performance? In this webinar, you'll learn how to leverage key data insights to improve team productivity and develop high-performing and high-potential individuals.

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How to Prepare for Valuable Performance Discussions

It is that time of the year again - performance discussions! Whether you are unprepared or just not looking forward to it, performance discussions need to take place on a regular basis. These discussions should have a developmental focus and include short and long-term goals. It is important that managers understand what motivates the employee and feedback discussions need to be honest and meaningful. This webinar will discuss the importance of performance discussion and how to make them valuable and successful!

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How to Hire Successful People into a Dysfunctional Team

As a leader, your time is limited - you need to hire, but you also have to sometimes work with a dysfunctional team. Many hiring managers and business leaders often ask questions like, “Can new hires help turn a dysfunctional team around? Can they derail a high-performing team?” Join our webinar to discuss how the new hires can impact the dynamics of the team – for better and for worse.

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Effective Strategies for Coaching and Developing Employees

Once you’ve been able to secure top talent, keeping them engaged and growing with your organization is critical. Many companies realize the importance of coaching and developing employees, but where do you start?  Join us to discuss how to lay the foundation for an effective coaching and development program and more.

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Caliper on Campus: Enhancing Human Resources Programs with Assessment and Certification

Colleges and Universities are now leveraging Caliper’s scientifically validated workplace assessment in their HR programs. Through curriculum support for faculty and professional development and certification for students, Caliper can ensure that your program equips students with the tools for success.

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Hiring and Development Made Easy

Moving from hiring to development doesn't have to be a drain on your internal resources. As a Caliper client, we make it easy for you to maximize your assessment investment through robust reporting options that help you seamlessly move from selecting to coaching and then developing your talent. We look forward to having you join us to learn more!

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How to Accelerate Talent Development: Introducing the Caliper Precision Series

Growing social media and smartphone culture has further changed the way people want to consume content. The Caliper Precision Series picks up where the Individual Developmental Guide leaves off to address the need for robust, micro-learning content that is both "snackable" and valuable.

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The 7 Qualities of an Effective Personality Assessment

When it comes to selecting new hires, are you using the right tools in your hiring process?  Personality assessments are a great way to delve beneath the surface to help you understand how well an individual will fit into a given role or a team. Join us to discuss how to effectively use personality assessments in the hiring process.

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