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Introducing The 10 Most Common Hiring Mistakes

The long-awaited whitepaper is here.

By avoiding these common hiring errors and putting the right people into the right roles, you can generate meaningful results for your business.
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An Introduction to Skills Mapping

Learn how to help your employees adapt to their roles while filling your company’s needs.

Creating a skills map is one of the most important steps you can take for organizational efficiency and skills gap analysis. That’s why we’ve created this free version to help get you started. Use our downloadable worksheet and best practices guide to get started and learn how you can use your skills and competencies map to impact:

  • Hiring and Interviewing
  • Onboarding and Employee Engagement
  • Job Descriptions and Role Assessment
  • Succession Planning and Internal Mobility
  • Training and Goal-Setting

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Is This The Candidate I’m Looking For?

Get your free scorecard:

Interviews move quickly. Put your thoughts into context in real-time. This scorecard helps you organize candidate responses while still at the conference table. It’s easy to read, compares categories, and evaluates gaps between interview vs. assessment scores—without missing a beat!

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6 Ways to Create a Versatile, Microlearning Library that Accelerates Talent Development

Microlearning + Traditional Learning = A Match Made in Heaven

Looking to implement an effective microlearning program that combines snackable content with the right contextual feedback? Caliper’s microlearning library is what you need!

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Using Pre-Employment Assessments in the Selection Process

Learn to leverage pre-employment assessments to discover, recruit and place your company’s best candidates. Caliper’s personality assessment delivers data-driven results to help you ensure that your candidates have the strengths and skills that are right for the job.

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Team Building Through Trust Building

Learn how to develop more effective, higher performing teams with this free whitepaper.

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The 10 Most Common Hiring Mistakes

To help you avoid a significant loss of time, money, and resources, Caliper has compiled a list of 10 Most Common Hiring Mistakes that companies tend to make. By avoiding these common hiring errors and putting the right people into the right roles, you can generate meaningful results for your business.

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The Evolving World of Sales

Today’s successful sales professional can no longer expect to show up, fill the room with personality, and win based on a persuasive presentation of features and benefits. The accelerated rate of change in the sales environment is evident in both how buyers are buying and how organizations are hiring salespeople. Now, more than ever, the success of your sales people is critical.

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Best Practices in Employee Selection for Project Managers