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Hiring for “Soft Skills” in the Robotic Age

robot thinking

Depending on your level of paranoia, you either think that robots are definitely going to overthrow humanity, Terminator style, or that they’re maybe going to overthrow humanity…

Fixing Your Organizational Talent Gaps

Man in front of a broken bridge

Forward-thinking organizations know that long-term success requires more than innovative product development and continuous improvement of operational efficiency….

Job Models: The Cure for Wrong Hiring Decisions

Man having a bad day at work

In a study recently published on the Genes & Development website, researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center report the identification of the “matrix progenitors that regulate hair growth and pigmentation”….

Learning Agility: A Key to Strong Job Performance

woman in front of American flag

Is it just us, or did the 2016 election season seem like it had been going on since at least 1016? We need a national nap to recuperate from that endurance test. Showing the good judgment befitting…

Shopping for Your Next Top Sales Performer?

executives posing in business attire

Halloween in our rear-view mirrors can only mean one thing (besides stealing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from our kid’s candy stash for the next week): holiday shopping season is upon us….

The “Model” Salesperson

young African American professional smiling during an interview

You’ve seen them … job postings for sales positions that range between wishful and delusional thinking on the part of whoever posted it. The list of demands often reads something like..

Sophisticated Buyer: Meet the Sophisticated Salesperson

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We have witnessed the “death” of the archetypal salesperson; first, he simply evolved to fit the changing times. Willy Loman became Alec Baldwin’s Blake (A: Always, B: Be, C: Closing) of Glengarry Glen Ross…

The Big Goal: A Company Culture of Success

man in suit holding a soccer ball

If you’ve ever watched Premier League football (i.e., soccer), you may have noticed it’s perfectly OK, right in the middle of the action, for teammates to scold each other for making bad plays…