Caliper … That’s the company that does personality tests, right?

Yes (sort of). Caliper’s industry-leading pre-employment assessments have been helping companies hire and develop top performers for decades. Our profile instrument is scientifically researched, designed, and validated, and it serves as the foundation for all manner of organizational-development services like the Caliper Three-Sixty, High-Potential Employee and Team Development, Succession Planning, Action Learning, and more.

Wait a minute. Are you saying Caliper offers OD services too?

Yes (definitely)! Whether you want to categorize them as Organizational Development, Talent Alignment, or some other human resources-related buzzword, these programs are an integral part of what we do. At Caliper, we have the tools and the expertise to deliver successful engagements that enhance performance and help businesses achieve their ideal state.

As George Brough, Caliper’s Vice President of Organizational Development Services, says, “We help our clients understand the information revealed by our assessments and then use it, together with best-in-class tools and methodologies, to bring about the behaviors that transform business.”

Brough believes that Caliper’s organizational-development efforts are successful because they are designed to unlock client organizations’ underutilized potential. In other words, you don’t need to replace your staff to get better results.

“A company can literally save or generate millions of dollars simply by tapping into the intrinsic motivations and potential of the people who already work there.”

Richard McLellan, Caliper’s Director of OD Services and an I/O Psychologist, explains what separates Caliper from other firms in the talent-alignment space.

“The solutions we offer are based on valid data and information gained through our assessments and a focused understanding of an organization’s challenges and goals,” he says. “We become trusted partners to our customers because we get curious, ask tough questions, test assumptions, and challenge their understanding of their own business and methods.”

One of Caliper’s most popular organizational-development services is the Three Sixty Plus, which combines a 360-degree rater process with the results of Caliper’s personality assessment. In this engagement, an employee’s manager, staff members, and peers are asked to anonymously rate the employee across a multitude of performance criteria using a numeric scale. These findings are then compared to the personality Profile results, providing a clear link between the employee’s motivations and the on-the-job behaviors that are displayed. During an in-depth coaching call, the employee and a Caliper consultant review the results, discuss ways to strengthen positive behaviors and address growth opportunities, and set the stage for a meaningful action plan.

“The three-sixty feedback session enables leaders to become more self-aware and focus on areas that will help them grow,” says Karen Triola, an Organizational Development Consultant with Caliper who has extensive experience coaching leaders. “The process also enables organizations to recognize the common gaps in behaviors across their management team and identify the behavioral competencies needed maximize the leadership effectiveness of their high-potential employees.”

In another program offered by Caliper, called Action Learning, participants are tasked with tackling a real-world, urgent business problem within their organization and must combine their collective knowledge and range of perspectives to come up with ideas and solutions.

During the workshop, an Action Learning Coach highlights learning opportunities, facilitates lessons, and encourages participation, and attendees build confidence in their leadership potential.

Brough, who has facilitated many such Action Learning workshops and similar programs, says the benefits go way beyond solving a business problem.

“In Action Learning programs, the results far exceed expectations, as senior leaders find out who the high-potentials really are, and the HiPos gain visibility across the organization,” he explains. “It’s a safer environment for future executives to practice the behaviors they will need at the higher levels, and the bonds they form and networks they create in the workshop will serve them well as they continue their careers with their organizations.”

The Three Sixty Plus and Action Learning program are just two of the many talent-alignment engagements offered by Caliper’s Organizational Development team. Whether you’re looking to improve individual performance, develop future leaders, or build more effective teams, Caliper has a customizable, scalable solution.

As Dr. McLellan says (with confidence), “We’re really good at this stuff!”