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Talent Development is Still a People Industry

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Welcome to the age of Big Data. When it comes to making accurate predictions about business and world affairs, complex statistical analyses have supplanted the once-confident declarations of authoritative experts in almost every respect…

From Sales Shark to Conscientious Advisor

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Armed with more information than earlier generations, and feeling ever higher levels of skepticism toward the business world, today’s consumer is unlikely to respond well to aggressive selling tactics…

When Personality Assessment Results Disappoint

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When we talk about personality-based employment assessments, the message is often some variation of: Using a valid pre-employment assessment can help you dig deeper than resumes and interviews…

4 Reasons to Invest in a Pre-Employment Report

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If you’ve ever considered using “personality tests” to guide a hiring decision, or if you’re researching them now for the first time, you should know a few things: One, there are a ton of them on the market….

Reinvent the Wheel of Talent Management

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On Friday, archaeologists in Britain announced an “unprecedented” discovery, unearthing a nearly 3,000-year-old wheel (most definitely not pictured above). Dating back to between 1,100 and 800 B.C….

Meet Caliper’s Learning & Development Generalist

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Jolanta Lewinska has always strived for self-improvement. Now, as Caliper’s first Learning and Development (L & D) Generalist, she gets to spread her knowledge of the Caliper Profile and love of learning to clients….

Walk the Talk on Experience Diversity

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“Do as I say, not as I do.” That familiar expression popped into my head while attending a recent workforce analytics conference. The speaker, the Head of HR Analytics for a major U.S. financial institution…

Talent-Management Trends for 2016 and Beyond

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“Companies are moving away from the annual performance-review process to one that provides more relevant, detailed feedback on a regular basis,” Cyndi says…

On Hiring Veterans

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“In corporate America, from my experience, there truly is no advantage to being a vet,” said Ricardo Roman, a former Director of Airborne Cryptologic Activities in the U.S. Air Force…..