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Personality Assessments Aren’t Just For Hiring


Personality assessments have a reputation for being a hiring tool — something that helps managers to know hiring candidates a little better, and that’s it. But, a good personality assessment provides employers with so much more than a few simple character traits. The Caliper Profile uses scientific data and validated job models to provide insights… Read more »

Build Your All-Star Sales Team [Guide]


“Succeeding in business, in sports, in your life, is a matter of pulling together people you can trust, who are honest, who have their priorities in line, who have the talent, ambition, and desire to reach beyond themselves and make something really big happen – particularly when the pressure’s on.” -Roger Stubach Former NFL Al-Pro… Read more »

How Personality Can Identify the Right Candidate


As talent increasingly becomes a competitive advantage for companies, many hiring managers, HR Professionals, and Talent Acquisition experts find themselves tasked with pulling in the best talent with less time, smaller budgets, and more competition. In fact, 89% of companies are dealing with talent shortages. As they do, an emphasis on soft skills has taken… Read more »

Is This the Candidate I’m Looking For?


What really matters when you’re looking to hire? Conventional wisdom points to experience, but that isn’t always a great indicator of the type of employee a candidate might be. Someone may have lengthy experience in their field, but it just might be bad experience repeated over the course of their career. So how do you… Read more »

A Simple Guide to Pre-Employment Assessments

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“Often the best solution to a management problem is the right person.” Edwin Booz Pre-employment assessments are tools to help companies select better hires. For over 50 years, companies have been using screeners and questionnaires to weed out potential bad hires and discover top candidates by assessing certain personality traits and skill sets during the… Read more »

Personality and Sales: Which Role is the Right Role?


Previously, we outlined Caliper’s extensive research in sales performance and the scientifically validated sales job models that emerged as a result. These Caliper Job Models are built from between five and nine core competencies, and each job model includes competencies related to success for a different type of sales role. Our previous post outlined each… Read more »

The Power is in Personality

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As candidates search for jobs, the most frequent request they get is to list their experience. How proficient are they at performing these particular job functions already? Before they even walk through the door, they’re asked to demonstrate the skills required for the role. But what if that isn’t the most important part? What if… Read more »

Personality Assessments: Are Your Candidates Too Worried About “Passing?”


Personality assessments are a key component of the interview process. Assessments provide objective criteria about a candidate’s personality traits and motivations, allowing for an unbiased view of how well a candidate will fit a specific role. For almost 60 years, the Caliper Profile has helped companies predict a candidate’s potential for success in a particular… Read more »

The Wrong Employee… or the Wrong Role?

The Wrong Employee… or the Wrong Role

Every office, warehouse, and production facility has one employee who takes up an inequitable portion of their supervisor’s time and effort. This employee may bring valuable knowledge and experience to the role, but they also cause frustration for management, and other team members, because they “just don’t get it.” What “it” is, varies from job… Read more »