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Future-Ready Leadership: Preparing for the Future of Work

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We can’t predict the future, and this year has made it clear that leaders have to be ready for the unexpected. A proactive approach to what lies ahead means learning how to take every curveball as it comes and to lead with the agility and grace to keep your head in the game and support… Read more »

A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Toughness in the Workplace


Defining Mental Toughness We recently released a whitepaper on mental toughness and how it differentiates top NCAA Division 1 and professional athletes. To start, the chances of athletes making it to the “big leagues” is slim to none. In fact, a high school football player’s chances of playing Division 1 is only 2.7%, baseball is… Read more »

How to Hire for Success in Sales


Did you know that the average sales employee turnover rate is nearly triple the average employee rate? Turnover in sales makes an impact on the entire organization, and it’s expensive. Sales employees are some of the most vital contributors to a company’s growth and bottom line, and hiring for sales effectiveness is critical. Yet, leaders… Read more »

Diving Deep into Mental Toughness: Part 2

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In this 3-part series, we’re doing a deeper dive into the 6 personality traits that make up mental toughness. Mental toughness is a psychological construct — each of the six traits are individual components of a larger whole — so it’s important to remember not to make assumptions about singular personality traits. However, we will… Read more »

Personality Assessments Aren’t Just For Hiring


Personality assessments have a reputation for being a hiring tool — something that helps managers to know hiring candidates a little better, and that’s it. But, a good personality assessment provides employers with so much more than a few simple character traits. The Caliper Profile uses scientific data and validated job models to provide insights… Read more »

Build Your All-Star Sales Team [Guide]


“Succeeding in business, in sports, in your life, is a matter of pulling together people you can trust, who are honest, who have their priorities in line, who have the talent, ambition, and desire to reach beyond themselves and make something really big happen – particularly when the pressure’s on.” -Roger Staubach Former NFL Al-Pro… Read more »

How Personality Can Identify the Right Candidate


As talent increasingly becomes a competitive advantage for companies, many hiring managers, HR Professionals, and Talent Acquisition experts find themselves tasked with pulling in the best talent with less time, smaller budgets, and more competition. In fact, 89% of companies are dealing with talent shortages. As they do, an emphasis on soft skills has taken… Read more »

Is This the Candidate I’m Looking For?


What really matters when you’re looking to hire? Conventional wisdom points to experience, but that isn’t always a great indicator of the type of employee a candidate might be. Someone may have lengthy experience in their field, but it just might be bad experience repeated over the course of their career. So how do you… Read more »

A Simple Guide to Pre-Employment Assessments

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This article on Pre-Employment Assessments first appeared in 2018 and was updated to reflect new information on using Pre-Employment Assessments for Remote Hiring in February of 2021. For additional information resources on remote hiring or pre-employment assessments, continue reading or subscribe to our newsletter. “Often the best solution to a management problem is the right… Read more »

Personality and Sales: Which Role is the Right Role?


Previously, we outlined Caliper’s extensive research in sales performance and the scientifically validated sales job models that emerged as a result. These Caliper Job Models are built from between five and nine core competencies, and each job model includes competencies related to sales effectiveness for a different type of sales role. Our previous post outlined… Read more »