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Why Pre-Employment Assessments are Better than Ever

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The science of predicting job performance has changed a lot over the decades. While pre-employment assessments have long been predicated on quantifying personality, current methods are far more sophisticated than those of the past. The fundamental difference today is context. In the early days, personality research was exploratory and focused on defining traits. The resulting… Read more »

Caliper Analytics & Caliper Certification now available in India


Though Caliper has been active in India for over a decade, we’re now offering direct access to our competency framework, full reporting suite, and online Analytics platform there for the first time. The launch of these new programs—coupled with a Certification program that empowers HR leaders and consulting companies to leverage Caliper solutions at attractive,… Read more »

Personality: Too Much of a Good Thing

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Whether it’s hard candy as a child or hard alcohol as an adult, we continually learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of excesses. Everything in moderation, right…

Caliper’s Impact on the 2016 NBA Draft

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Imagine you are the General Manager of an NBA team, sweating at the draft table. Several top-ranked college basketball players have similar performance records and physical attributes…

Shift into High Gear with Behavioral Competencies

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Many of us remember, years ago, being told that a stick shift is superior to an automatic transmission. “You’re in control,” a wise person would explain. “You go faster, you get better gas mileage…

4 “Bad Manager” Habits that are Easily Fixed

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Bad Managers are great! Not for employees or the companies that employ them, but, for those of us tasked with creating web content, they are gold. Google the topic and see for yourself….

Introverts, Extroverts, and the Rest of Us

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“Are you an introvert or an extrovert?” That’s the teaser for so many online personality tests, and why not? People like to talk about themselves (especially in quiz form it seems)…