Personality assessments have a reputation for being a hiring tool — something that helps managers to know hiring candidates a little better, and that’s it. But, a good personality assessment provides employers with so much more than a few simple character traits. The Caliper Profile uses scientific data and validated job models to provide insights about an individual’s potential to perform a job, which means employees’ Caliper Profiles are actually something to use throughout their development when considering promotions or changes in their roles. Revisiting profiles can help managers maintain relationships and identify the best ways to engage, motivate, and communicate with their team. A good personality assessment is so much more powerful than just a hiring tool. It’s a tool for growth.

Boost Motivation and Engagement

An individual’s Caliper Profile outlines the traits that define their preferred work style and specific aspects of a job model where they’re more inclined to excel. Unearthing their natural tendencies, strengths, and motivating factors provide managers with unique insights into key performance attributes that can be leveraged for performance management.

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Personality assessments allow managers to tap into the things that make employees tick is a great way to foster growth and engage employees through projects that challenge their skills, communicate in ways that connect with them, and capture their interest with work they relate to. Rather than managing everyone the same way, tailoring your management approach to the unique traits of each individual allows managers to find the most effective way to reach each of their employees and engage them with a style that clicks. The result is stronger employee engagement and higher performing teams.

Improve Manager to Employee Relationships

A key component of employee development is the sense of trust between managers and employees. The Caliper Profile is a valuable resource to manage relationships. Managers can evaluate the differences between their own trait scores and those of their employees to determine how best to interact. From personality assessments, managers can see how individuals prefer to communicate and adapt their own tendencies and preferences to meet the needs of their team members. Building rapport with team members strengthens the relationship between managers and employees, which means individuals will take more accountability for their work, bring concerns to their managers with confidence, and feel more engaged with their tasks and growth.

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Improve Peer-to-Peer Relationships

Managers can use personality assessments to understand how individuals prefer to interact with each other and how teams fit together. Pairing two contrasting work styles on a project may not be avoidable, but with a good grasp on each individual’s communication preferences, managers can facilitate better conversations and smoother interactions. The result is a better team dynamic, improved conflict resolution, a more tightly-knit team, and higher over performance.

The Caliper Profile and Essentials for Coaching

Paired with the Essentials Report for Coaching, the Caliper Profile is a powerful tool in driving growth and performance management. Managers get key insights from personality assessments based on individual personality traits, natural skill sets, and areas for improvement, as well as how best to communicate successes and opportunities in a way that creates a productive conversation. If used continuously and strategically, and in conjunction with other performance management best practices, the Caliper Profile facilitates the further development of skill sets, ability, and relationships.

To learn more about the ways you can use scientifically-backed personality assessments to develop employees, build high-performing teams, and strengthen company culture, reach out to our experts today to get started.