Data can give you the information that makes a difference in your organization’s talent management strategy. Our analytics platform, Caliper Analytics, is a dynamic dashboard that gives users a variety of insightful talent management tools that can highlight your departments’ most promising individuals or show you a broad view of existing personnel.

Caliper Analytics and Your Business

Caliper Analytics uses data to drive your talent management strategy. You can elevate individual and organizational data to its fullest with an all-in-one dashboard that uses real-time insight to drive your talent management decisions. Caliper Analytics provides the talent insights you need to hire better, build stronger, higher performing teams, make advancement decisions, and implement other organizational initiatives.

The Caliper Analytics platform is a data-driven workforce intelligence solution that provides tools for comparing, ranking, interpreting, and leveraging personality assessment data of potential new hires through a clear, compelling, and at-a-glance dashboard. With its customizable, unique “filtering” system, you are able to  best determine the metrics by which you would like to sort when making HR and talent management decisions. What makes this dashboard so innovative is that you have the ability to view your employees’ Caliper Profile results instantaneously, from senior leaders to entry-level, and any applicants you’re working with — all on one screen. You have the ability to visually juxtapose two individuals, making it easier and more intuitive to make critical employment, retention, and development decisions in terms of potential success, job fit, and team alignment.

You can also use the platform to gauge an individual’s fit within a specific company culture. Need a salesperson who shows a willingness to follow rules and process details? You can isolate the particular traits in question and graph the results, allowing you to be in control of the instrument.

Other ways to utilize Caliper Analytics:

  • Immediate access to workforce intelligence tools based on the Caliper Profile
  • Ability to create and save customized views to quickly identify and compare ideal candidates
  • See critical talent insights and make real-time analysis
  • Sort and filter data to identify trends or outliers
  • Perform real-time comparisons between employees or roles

To learn more about the ways Caliper Analytics can transform your organization, reach out to experts today and schedule a demo.