It’s February, and love is in the air. Mickey Mouse has Minnie Mouse, Superman has Lois Lane, Tim McGraw has Faith Hill, Barack has Michelle, and your employee has their job. Yep, you read that right: Your employees can be head-over-heels in love with their 9 to 5 work schedule! But like any great relationship, it will take work to enjoy that in-love bliss. Ensure these 4 qualities are at the forefront of your company so that your employees will fall in love with what they do.

Show Gestures of Appreciation

It’s human nature to want to know that your work is valued, and a sign of appreciation can do just that. You may ask, “what’s happening on the opposite side of the spectrum?” A lack of recognition can send an employee running for the hills. A stunning majority (79%) of employees even go so far as to note a lack of appreciation as a reason for leaving their job.

Keep your employees happy and engaged by showing them how much you truly appreciate their hard work and dedication to the organization. Of course, grand gestures like a company outing or a delicious catered lunch are nice, but something as small as a “thank you” email or donuts in the morning after a difficult project will go along way.

Embody a Growth Mindset

In today’s candidate-driven market, 86% of professionals would leave their job to explore a better opportunity for professional development. That statistic proves that a growth mindset is critical to keep employees excited about their job.

Housing employees in a dead-end job with no room to learn or grow is a surefire way for them to dread their daily work. Instead, offer these eager individuals the chance to expand their minds and their careers. Career development doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of a vertical jump on the company ladder. While the position on the next rung up is full, offer training sessions in new technology, more complex tasks, and projects, or the opportunity to pass their knowledge onto a new employee.

Promote Positivity in the Workplace

One person’s attitude can impact the whole workplace. That is why it is so important to cultivate a positive work environment. Use a top-down approach to ensure upper management is setting the right example for all employees. Be sure to encourage a respectful, inclusive, and supportive team. Employees will love working at a job where they can embrace an optimistic mindset each and every day.

Plus, when your employees enjoy a positive work environment, your company will reap the rewards. Positivity and productivity go hand in hand. Need we say any more?

Create a Work-Life Balance

Salaried employees are often walking the fine line between work and life. Many times, they feel obligated to respond to emails or take client calls after their 8-hour workday is over. Create an environment where employees feel as though they can leave their daily tasks and projects at the office when they cross over that threshold. Although after work hours communications may be important in the case of an emergency, encourage employees to ignore emails without “urgent” or “emergency” in the subject line once their daily shift is complete.

This is a game-changing attribute that can teeter workers between love and hate of a job quickly. Employees surveyed note good work-life balance as the third attribute they are looking for in an organization, after salary and security. Workers want to feel comfortable leaving their work at the office.

Encourage your employees to fall in love with their jobs – it’ll benefit them and the organization! Use these 4 tips to create an environment that will have candidates loving the company and employees feeling privileged to be working there. Discover how Caliper’s scientifically-validated and data-driven insight can help you navigate a success path. Get in contact with our team today.