.Personality assessments are critical to Talent Management. They provide insights into individuals’ strengths, motivations, and behavioral tendencies. In addition, validated assessments predict performance on both the individual and team levels. They also help companies link their human capital to overall company success.

Why Personality Assessments are Critical

Cognitive ability tests can predict general ability to perform a job. However, they do not predict the personality dimensions, workstyles and motivators which determine if applicants will actually do the job successfully. Personality assessments help us understand how individuals perceive, interpret, respond to, and learn from work situations. It is critical in a wide range of contexts such as communication, decision making, problem solving, and time management.

Personality assessments do the following things:

  1. Provide Data-Driven Results

Personality assessments provide insights regarding how candidates interact in the workplace and also predict job performance and fit with the company’s culture. This data also helps improve the team’s overall productivity and success.

Unlike face-to-face interviews, personality assessments enable a company to objectively assess an individual and can help reduce unconscious bias within the selection process.

  1. Improve Selection Process

When evaluating a candidate’s fit, personality assessments can substantially improve the selection process and predict a person’s potential. This data helps drive a more informed decision. It also informs how the individual can be onboarded, managed, coached, and professionally developed throughout their career.

  1. Increase Employee Retention

Over 70% of candidates expect to leave a company within two years of getting hired. So while finding the right candidates is crucial for any company, having the ability to keep them is just as important.

Herb Greenberg, PhD., founder of Caliper, would reinforce time and time again that if a person’s personality fit with the requirements of the job, the employee would enjoy their job more, which then would translate to better performance and longer retention in their role, and with the company.

Personality assessments allow companies to discover whether a candidate is likely to stay and thrive in the role they were hired for. In the current economic environment, acquiring and retaining top talent is a competitive advantage. Personality assessments help companies in the war for talent and often reduce the costs of turnover and hiring. The assessments will assist companies in hiring the right person, for the right role, the first time around.

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