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Caliper’s Women Leadership program… for the win

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If you were the manager of a sports team and someone told you about a vast pool of undiscovered talent out there, wouldn’t you want to know more? Of course you would. You want your team to win…

Creating Meaningfulness for Millennial Workers

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With Millennial-age employees becoming the largest generational group in the workforce, senior leaders are dying to know: What do they want? How do we keep them from job hopping? What planet are they from?…

The Salesperson of the Future – Part 2

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Rapidly evolving technology is making it easier and easier for consumers to make informed purchases without the need of a salesperson. With software available that qualifies needs…

The Salesperson of the Future – Part 1

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If you sell for a living, technology can be your friend or your enemy. It’s up to you. Automation has been impacting other types of roles for a while now, but it has finally caught up to sales…

Building a Gold Medal–Winning Team

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With the 2016 Rio Olympics fast approaching, top athletes from around the globe are vying for the final few spots available to represent their respective countries at the games….

Appetite for Cooperation: Improving Group Dynamics

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On April 8th, When Guns N’ Roses appears at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, it will be the first time in over 20 years that guitarist Slash and frontman Axl Rose have played together on stage…..

The Reality of Virtual Teams

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Oculus Rift. What is it? A villain from the new Star Wars movie? A new genre of music created by Kanye West? The name of Justin Bieber’s pet monkey?
Nah. Oculus Rift is the new virtual reality headset developed by Oculus VR….

Competencies: The Mighty Sword Of Team Development

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There’s nothing profound in saying “Effective teamwork is critical to success.” Whether we are talking about small-group projects, an entire department, or an enterprise-wide collaboration…

Football Season Team Development

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As a consolation for the end of summer, football season has returned to the land. Hope springs eternal in the hearts of fans across the country, and this past week the 32 NFL teams have girded their respective loins…

Test Your Knowledge Of The Millennial Generation

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The Millennial Generation: the age group comprised of people born between 1981 and 2000. In other words, the majority of your applicant pool for the next 10 to 15 years. While it may seem simpleminded to lump millions of people…