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How Understanding Team Roles Can Improve Team Results

group of co-workers sitting around a table smiling

A business team is a strange entity. You can gather all the right experts and specialists, put all the accountabilities in place, and even set the ground rules for how to manage meetings and handle conflict … and still end up with dysfunction. Given the increasing importance of cross-functional teamwork across all industries, it has… Read more »

Are You an Implementer? Defining Team Roles with the 4-Box

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If there is one personal quality that’s universally admired, it has to be “discipline.” We respect the determined person who can stay focused, avoid distraction, and see a thing through to completion. Whether that individual is attending medical school or building a full-sized Lego dinosaur, there’s something noble about the unwavering, single-minded pursuit of a… Read more »

Are You a Facilitator? Defining Team Roles with the 4-Box

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What do songwriters write songs about? How awesome some new manufacturing process will be? The joys of designing said manufacturing methodology? The efficiencies required for implementation? No, songwriters write about people. [They also write about cars, but aren’t those songs really about the people driving the cars?] Songwriters write songs about people because people are… Read more »

Are You a Creator? Defining Team Roles with the 4-Box

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“Not now. I’m busy thinking up a clever way to start this blog post. But, you know, I’ll be happy to meet up on the next available day that doesn’t end in ‘Y’.” Yeah, not everyone loves working on team projects or in team-oriented environments. This is no secret. A lot of us prefer to… Read more »

Are You a Champion? Defining Team Roles with the 4-Box

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You might be a Champion! Then again, you might not. You see, this isn’t some touchy-feely, “everyone is a winner” self-help piece. There will be no cheesy motivational images of mountain climbers experiencing “achievement” or hamsters showing “determination.” This is a piece about teamwork. Like, when you get a bunch of people together to solve… Read more »

Managers, Put Your Best Foot Forward

man running with a briefcase

The pain started as only a dull ache on the bottom of the right heel. But then the left knee decided to join the party. And soon after, the iliotibial band on the outside of the thigh….

Alignment – Is it driving you off the road?

man standing confused looking at a road

“The good news is your brakes are fine,” the service rep told me over the phone. “But your alignment is horrible.” I had taken my car in to get checked out before heading out on the annual summer road trip…