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Are You a Champion? Defining Team Roles with the 4-Box

woman raising both fists in the air

You might be a Champion! Then again, you might not. You see, this isn’t some touchy-feely, “everyone is a winner” self-help piece. There will be no cheesy motivational images of mountain climbers experiencing “achievement” or hamsters showing “determination.” This is a piece about teamwork. Like, when you get a bunch of people together to solve… Read more »

Managers, Put Your Best Foot Forward

man running with a briefcase

The pain started as only a dull ache on the bottom of the right heel. But then the left knee decided to join the party. And soon after, the iliotibial band on the outside of the thigh….

Alignment – Is it driving you off the road?

man standing confused looking at a road

“The good news is your brakes are fine,” the service rep told me over the phone. “But your alignment is horrible.” I had taken my car in to get checked out before heading out on the annual summer road trip…

Caliper’s Women Leadership program… for the win

ambitious business woman

If you were the manager of a sports team and someone told you about a vast pool of undiscovered talent out there, wouldn’t you want to know more? Of course you would. You want your team to win…

Creating Meaningfulness for Millennial Workers

woman smiling at an interview

With Millennial-age employees becoming the largest generational group in the workforce, senior leaders are dying to know: What do they want? How do we keep them from job hopping? What planet are they from?…

The Salesperson of the Future – Part 2

Sales team in a meeting

Rapidly evolving technology is making it easier and easier for consumers to make informed purchases without the need of a salesperson. With software available that qualifies needs…

The Salesperson of the Future – Part 1

group of co-workers sitting around a table smiling

If you sell for a living, technology can be your friend or your enemy. It’s up to you. Automation has been impacting other types of roles for a while now, but it has finally caught up to sales…