If you were the manager of a sports team and someone told you about a vast pool of undiscovered talent out there, wouldn’t you want to know more? Of course you would. You want your team to win. Now imagine you are a business owner. You’d want access to the broadest array of talent you could find to help your business succeed.

It’s no secret that women hold only a small percentage of leadership positions in the U.S. despite making up about half the workforce. That means there’s lots of talent and innovation out there that isn’t being properly utilized. And now Caliper is doing its part to help change that.

Following Caliper’s 10-year-long research study into women leaders comes the launch of a new action-based program designed to help current and aspiring women leaders develop their skills and realize their potential: the Caliper Women Leadership Program.

Workshop participants will gain insights into their individual leadership strengths and areas for development and come up with goals and action steps that help them reach the next level and beyond. More details can be found here, but if you’re tired of talk and want to get started on developing the aspiring women leaders in your organization, use the contact form on this page or simply call us at 609-524-1200.