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Should I Hire This Person?

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Nothing can derail decision making like conflicting data. Have you ever read online reviews for restaurants when planning a vacation itinerary? You get 12 people saying Uncle Frank’s BBQ is the best they’ve ever had, while 8 others claim it’s the worst. The 12 advocates report that Uncle Frank’s Memphis-style ribs are tender and flavorful…. Read more »

How to Get Better Hiring Results Using Pre-Employment Assessments

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Question: Would you rather make an important decision with more information or less information? That’s rhetorical, of course. We all want more information. It gives us greater confidence in our choices and increases our sense of control. No one goes to a supermarket and asks the shelf stocker to black out the nutrition label with… Read more »

Bursting the Underemployment Bubble

Businesswoman Popping A Bubble

It’s safe to imagine that if he were with us today, Caliper’s founder, Herb Greenberg, would have a strong opinion on the staggering number of people stuck in underemployment purgatory….

Unwrapping the Secrets of Hiring and Development

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In The Mummy, the first entry in Universal’s new “Dark Universe” adventure-horror film franchise, Tom Cruise plays a sort of modern-day Indiana Jones who plunders an ancient tomb housing a mysterious sarcophagus….

Job Models: The Cure for Wrong Hiring Decisions

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In a study recently published on the Genes & Development website, researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center report the identification of the “matrix progenitors that regulate hair growth and pigmentation”….

Do Outdated Hiring and Development Practices Bug You?

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Would you “Believe” Cher belted out the top song of 1999? So says Billboard, authority on all things pop music. Not far behind her was Smash Mouth, who made the musical “All Star” team (just that one time)….

Caliper Analytics: Ready for its Close-Up

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Caliper’s upcoming Webinar series, starting Thursday, September 15, will help users delve deeper into Caliper Analytics and leverage the online instrument to address their most pressing talent-management needs…

Are You Experienced?

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We all know the digital economy is changing the way we buy goods and services. But if it wasn’t enough for brick-and-mortar businesses to keep up with internet purchasing…

Go “Beyond” Outdated Hiring Practices

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Star Trek, in all its iterations, has always been about potential. Whether racing across the galaxy in Federation starships, exploring strange new worlds, or serving as ambassadors of peace aboard the space station…