Caliper’s upcoming Webinar series, starting Thursday, September 15, will help users delve deeper into Caliper Analytics and leverage the online instrument to address their most pressing talent-management needs.

When used to its fullest potential, the proprietary data-driven solution allows you to access, interpret, and leverage your Caliper assessment data in a myriad of ways. Caliper Analytics can also tell a real-time story that continuously progresses and transforms based on your changing requirements, whether they be onboarding or succession planning.

Each month, Caliper’s Senior Vice President of Client Services, David Solot, Ph.D., will take a close-up look at Caliper Analytics, allowing users to derive new insights and enhanced value from the dynamic and flexible Web-based tool.

You may already be using Caliper Analytics to quickly mine your existing Caliper data, assess your workforce, and make hiring decisions, but the free Webinar series will show you how to examine the future state of your business and use the tool to chart the growth of your high-potential employees (HiPos) and put together hypothetical teams that are balanced and diverse.

During the first Caliper Analytics close-up, focusing on Selection, Dr. Solot will show users how to compare candidates and identify shared strengths and gaps, as well as how to choose the optimal view from Caliper’s Competency Library.

Future close-ups will examine turning your vision and corporate values into quantifiable competencies, charting a succession path, identifying your top candidates, minimizing onboarding time, and determining what the personality attributes of your HiPos says about your organization’s future.