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5 Components of Developing Successful Employees

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You don’t want to hire that employee, do you? Of course not. You want to hire THAT employee. That employee is one who interviewed like a star but turned out to be lazy or needy or disinterested, ultimately creating more work for management and team members than he ever completed himself. THAT employee, on the… Read more »

7 Keys to Successfully Onboarding New Employees

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Hiring-managers, recruiters, and HR professionals are understandably excited when they find a qualified candidate who also interviews well. Depending on the length of the search, it can be difficult to resist offering a job on the spot. It may take a few anxious days, but, once all the hurdles are cleared, an offer is made… Read more »

Learning Agility: A Key to Strong Job Performance

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Is it just us, or did the 2016 election season seem like it had been going on since at least 1016? We need a national nap to recuperate from that endurance test. Showing the good judgment befitting…

Millennials’ Message to Managers: Game On

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If you haven’t heard, Zelda and Link will reunite in Breath of the Wild, the newest “Legend of Zelda” installment, to be released in 2017. While gamers still know next to nothing about Nintendo’s newest videogame system…

The Wrong Employee… or the Wrong Role?

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Every office, warehouse, and production facility has one: an employee who takes up an inequitable portion of the supervisor’s time and effort. This employee may bring important knowledge…

Reinvent the Wheel of Talent Management

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On Friday, archaeologists in Britain announced an “unprecedented” discovery, unearthing a nearly 3,000-year-old wheel (most definitely not pictured above). Dating back to between 1,100 and 800 B.C….

Is the End Zone in Sight for Peyton Manning?

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This Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots will feature starting quarterbacks with a combined age of 77 years (and a combined height of 12 feet and 9 inches…