At the first-ever Caliper Analytics™ conference held on June 16th at the Crowne Plaza Princeton Conference Center in Princeton, New Jersey, one thing became clear: we’ve only scratched the surface of what Caliper’s analytics platform can and will be able to do.

For the HR leaders and business executives in attendance—many of whom were already Caliper Analytics users—the event was an opportunity not just to learn but to engage and provide feedback. By sharing their Caliper Analytics experiences and best practices, users from different industries were able to teach each other and, at the same time, enlighten and inspire Caliper’s analytics experts regarding how people are using analytics and what new features they desire.

Some key takeaways from the conference:

“Caliper Analytics makes you the talent-management architect.” So said one attendee who valued the control and depth of information Caliper Analytics affords knowledgeable users. The platform has enabled attendees to not only compare the dynamics of team members, identify high-potential employees, and spot talent gaps, it has also fostered important coaching conversations and helped shape career paths. In short, Caliper Analytics supports prescriptive solutions to their strategic talent-management needs.

Caliper Analytics is a shared experience. Two-way communication between Caliper experts and Analytics end-users is not limited to conferences. Caliper consultants and advisors are at the ready to help clients understand the tool, guide the process, ask the right questions, and support meaningful interpretation of results. Analytics isn’t a product; it’s a partnership.

Caliper Analytics is a great tool, but it’s only as effective as the user.  In the medical industry, surgical robots are enabling surgeries to be performed faster, more safely, and with greater precision than once believed possible. Still, it takes a surgeon to operate such devices. We’re not saying you need to be a surgeon to use Caliper Analytics or that it saves lives. However, it does require a wise leader who knows something about modern HR practices and about employee coaching and development, and it can improve careers. Again, Caliper experts are there to provide ongoing instruction and support, but the more informed you become as a user, the more you’ll gain from Analytics. By the way, attending a future conference can start you down the path of becoming a power user!

For current and prospective users of Caliper Analytics, you’ll be excited to know Caliper is hard at work on developing new features and updating existing ones, and your input has and continues to be a critical component of that effort. We’re invested in your organizational success.