Caliper announced today that it has launched The Caliper Precision Series, a competency-based learning experience that provides specific skill development for key roles. The Caliper Precision Series provides on-the-go, customized skill development that helps empower teams with training that fits their schedules – and their specific areas of development.

“Caliper Precision Series is a versatile, micro-learning library that provides hyper-targeted learning for the YouTube generation,” said Dayna Williams, Vice President of Training Solutions at Caliper. “It also serves as a content engine to make coaching conversations consistent and effortless.”

The Caliper Precision Series currently includes prescribed learning tracks or mix-and-match content related to the following competencies:

  • Accountability
  • Achievement Motivation
  • Active Listening
  • Composure and Resiliency
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Information Seeking
  • Initiating Action
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity
  • Negotiating
  • Organizational Savvy
  • Relationship Building
  • Service Focus
  • Time Management

Each competency-based module includes five micro-videos; two structured activities to apply the learning and share with coaches, peers, or a manager; and three micro-reading articles. Learners receive a digital badge upon successfully passing a challenging, scenario-based knowledge check.

The duration of each topic within a module ranges from 15 minutes for reading and video content to 30-40 minutes for video and activity. Modules can stand alone but, ideally, are stacked to teach related concepts over time in a competency-focused, snackable way that aligns with training and learning best practices.

The Caliper Precision Series is versatile enough to be delivered from Caliper’s platform or loaded into an organization’s existing learning management system.

“Caliper’s assessment data not only helps clients make the best hiring decisions, but it also provides a roadmap for development post-hire,” said Caliper’s Chief Revenue Officer, John Maketa. “The Caliper Precision Series, along with our award-winning Analytics platform, helps clients activate the data and provide just-in-time, self-paced training.”

Caliper plans to continue to expand it’s Precision Series and looks to have a total of 21 modules plus virtual instructor-led webinars, offering clients an infinite number of learning tracks to deploy, in 2019 and beyond. To learn more about The Caliper Precision series, visit

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