Research Insight: Leadership Lessons from the Pandemic

Do Your Employees Think Your
Leadership Stacked Up?

Over the past year and a half, the Covid-19 pandemic brought about many challenges and troubles for people all over the world. Throughout this time of uncertainty, employers needed the guidance of a strong leader to offer hope, support, and direction when needed.

With many sudden changes taking place, this meant that leaders needed to learn on the fly. But, these sudden changes weren’t entirely a negative thing — they provided a challenging but powerful leadership development experience for many workplace professionals.

What lessons can we take away from the impact of Covid-19 on
leadership development?

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After surveying a diverse group of 1,077 employees across 21 countries, we were able to consolidate their answers and reflect on how leadership handled and reacted to the pandemic.

  • 3 things employees thought leadership handled effectively
  • 3 things they felt leadership could have handled better
  • Powerful pandemic lessons for optimizing leadership for the future

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