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What Does Company Culture Look Like?

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The phrase “company culture” gets tossed around a lot in modern business discourse. It must be important because people keep talking about it, but what is it? Most definitions fall along the generic lines…

Why Women Leaders Matter

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Gender equality isn’t a new issue. It has long been argued that women are not afforded the same opportunities as men. While we are seeing improvements with respect to gender…

Why Should We Think about Succession Planning?

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With so many pressing business issues in the mix each day, developing tomorrow’s leaders might take a backseat in your mind. While it’s tempting to simply focus on the present…

Open Letter to Small Businesses and Start-Ups

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Nah, we aren’t starting this open-letter piece with, “Dear Businessperson.” In a post that’s about changing your approach to small business, it would be ironic if we dragged out a tired cliché to make our point…

From Sales Shark to Conscientious Advisor

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Armed with more information than earlier generations, and feeling ever higher levels of skepticism toward the business world, today’s consumer is unlikely to respond well to aggressive selling tactics…

Appetite for Cooperation: Improving Group Dynamics

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On April 8th, When Guns N’ Roses appears at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, it will be the first time in over 20 years that guitarist Slash and frontman Axl Rose have played together on stage…..