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Bridge the Gap: How to Create an Effective Employee Development Approach

Bridge the Gap- How to Create an Effective Employee Development Approach

Growth and development aren’t always the top priorities of a business, but it could be just what they need. An employee development plan is beneficial for both employees and their employers. Before you implement a plan, you need to discover what skill gaps your workplace has. Use these five ways to help determine where those… Read more »

5 Essential Skills for Effective Coaching

5 Essential Skills for Effective Coaching

Coaching is a form of development in which a person supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. Just like in any sport, the workplace needs coaches to be successful. 45% of HR professionals believe coaching is essential in their organization, and 93% of managers… Read more »

The Value of Self-Awareness at Work

The Value of Self-Awareness at Work

Great leaders often have several traits in common. We tend to see characteristics like strong communication, a positive attitude and a sense of integrity on the short list. But, where does self-awareness come into play? This attribute is often overlooked in leaders, but here at Caliper, we argue that this characteristic can make or break… Read more »

The New Manager Checklist

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In an ideal business world, all companies would have programs to identify high-potential employees and develop future leaders, and upper management would establish structured training programs….

Help Your New Hires “Stick the Landing”

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This SpaceX story is simply hogging all the cool, not leaving much for the rest of us. If you haven’t followed the event: SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket not only successfully deployed a Japanese communications…

Employee Development Tools on Any Budget

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It’s finally here. Tax Day, 2016. Inexorable, ineluctable. Time to feed the beast and render unto Caesar. Or, as Ray Liotta memorably said in Goodfellas… well, we can’t actually write it in a company blog…

Personality Assessment Time Machine


Science is cool! As you can see above, the first ever giant intergalactic space-dog nose has been found poking through to our universe from the next, thanks to an experiment conducted by a team of veterinarians….

Meet Caliper’s Learning & Development Generalist

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Jolanta Lewinska has always strived for self-improvement. Now, as Caliper’s first Learning and Development (L & D) Generalist, she gets to spread her knowledge of the Caliper Profile and love of learning to clients….

Your Job is Kryptonite, Supergirl


All that power, and they can’t even stand up to their bosses. It must run in the El family. On CBS’s new hit show, Supergirl, the titular character’s earthy alter ego, Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)….