Caliper has officially ushered in a significant change that promises to shift the HR-management landscape.

We are excited to introduce Caliper Analytics, which is a dynamic and client-friendly dashboard that acts as a digital Swiss army knife, giving users an array of talent-management tools. Whether highlighting your departments’ most promising individuals or seeking a broad view of existing personnel, Caliper Analytics provides you on-the-fly insights into your talent.

Gone are the days of rummaging through printed Profiles or trying to coordinate 12 windows on your computer. With the Analytics platform, all trait and behavior data are accessible and appear instantaneously. The information is malleable too, and a user gets to shape his or her unique experience. Within a few clicks, a client can gauge culture fit, employees’ aptitudes outside of their current positions, and the cohesiveness of a potential team.

  • Screening and Selection

Caliper Analytics allows clients to take a holistic view of individuals who have completed the Caliper Profile; users can see a graphical representation of all assessees, select the specific metrics by which they want to sort, and narrow their list through customizable filters.

  • Succession Planning

Going beyond hard numbers and graphs, Caliper Analytics helps clients look at their talent roster from a visual perspective. Regardless of the role for which individuals were originally screened, Caliper’s newest feature allows users to role-play and to see how one is likely to handle increased leadership responsibilities, as an example.


With a multitude of filters at your fingertips, it’s easy to scan through previously unwieldy lists of people. After you determine the parameters for a given position, you can pull the sliders for each metric to the desired beginning and end points. Once you have established a range of preferred metrics, those who do not meet your requirements will drop off.

Fostering Effective Teams
Caliper Analytics also shines a light on how a prospective team would work together. As well, it allows clients to simulate how team members may react in situations out of their job function or comfort zone. Caliper’s Talent Plot (shown below) provides another interactive and visual representation, as you look at talent resources across your organization’s existing teams (or potential groupings) and proactively address skill and competency gaps. After spotting potential holes in a group’s make-up, Caliper Analytics allows you to compensate by shifting individuals in or out, so, ultimately, you foster a more well-rounded, collaborative team.


You often hear the phrase, “Take a picture; it’ll last longer.” But why settle for a snapshot? Caliper Analytics tells a real-time story that can continuously progress and transform with your business so you can make data-driven decisions now and into the future.