The end of awards season is approaching, with the 88th Academy Awards ceremony airing this Sunday.

While many people are wondering which film will take home the big prize at the end of the night and who will receive the award for Best Sound Editing (not really), the Internet is especially bustling with chatter about whether Leonardo DiCaprio will *finally* nab his long-coveted Oscar. Someone has even created an arcade-style video game (Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage) in which the player, as a tuxedo-clad Leonardo DiCaprio, chases an Oscar down the red carpet.

If the voting was held on Twitter and in online comment threads, we could certainly expect to see Leonardo DiCaprio up at the podium giving an unnecessarily long acceptance speech this Sunday. However, the Internet does not get to decide who wins; that’s up to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Meanwhile, while everyone else is wondering whether Leo is going to win, you’re thinking about more pressing matters, like who you should hire to fill a key role in your organization.

Choosing who should win Best Actor is a subjective matter. Lucky for you, the results of pre-employment assessments are not.

Pre-employment assessments like the Caliper Profile can predict an applicant’s potential to succeed in a specific role. They provide you with a clear, accurate picture of your job candidates’ strengths, developmental opportunities, motivations, and performance potential.

Armed with this information, you will be equipped to match the right people to the right positions. While several individuals may, on the surface, appear similarly suited to a job, using a pre-employment assessment will help you dig below the surface to find out which applicant has the intrinsic motivations to succeed in the role and the dynamics to fit your company culture.

We may never agree on the Best Actor. When using the right tools to evaluate job candidates, however, there is often a clear winner.

If only winning an Oscar was that easy. Sorry, Leo.