Author: Jason Griffith

Return to Work: How Good Leaders Can Facilitate A Safe Reopening

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Team leaders are preparing to bring their teams back into the office, and their primary concern is to lead their employees through this crisis with safety and composure at the forefront. During this time, there are a number of variables at play that can have a major impact on individuals workplace to workplace. This means… Read more »

Power is in Personality, Part II: Lean On Your People During a Crisis

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Organizations need to be prepared for a number of scenarios when operating during an economic crisis. Since the pandemic, the ability to plan for the future has become virtually impossible, so employers have to build contingency plans that are flexible and adaptable to varying factors. One way employers can accomplish this is by leveraging their… Read more »

Get Back to Hiring Top Talent in the COVID-19 Landscape

As many states begin to reopen and businesses adapt once again to changing circumstances, employers need to rethink how and why they hire, and what needs to be done in order to create a safe yet effective process for hiring and performance management. So, what will hiring look like now? We can’t call people into… Read more »

The Real Impact of Crisis Leadership on Your Teams

Team leaders across the globe have taken on a new role since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before, the primary focus of leaders was to foster teamwork, drive productivity, and engage their teams. But now, leaders need to move quickly in order to control budgets, ease tensions, and uplift spirits. And throughout, managers must… Read more »

How to Make Your Remote Workers More Successful

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This is a stressful time. Even without a global pandemic setting us on edge, 42% of employees cite stress on the job due to workload. Now that many of us are working from home, the lines are even more blurred. And with a variety of external factors weighing on us, too, that stress grows exponentially…. Read more »

Why Mental Toughness Builds Better Remote Teams

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Mental toughness and the lessons we can learn from mentally tough employees is an especially valuable skill set to have and develop amongst remote teams. While many of us work from home, leveraging the specific skills that contribute to mental toughness is a valuable way to keep motivation and satisfaction high, maintain productivity, and keep… Read more »

How Mental Toughness Adds Value When Hiring For Remote Jobs

Remote work isn’t new to the sales profession. In fact, it’s in the top 7 industries for most remote jobs. Field representatives and account executives often travel to meet with and manage their clients. So while there are some adjustments to be made during this isolation period, sales people have been ready and prepared for… Read more »

A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Toughness in the Workplace


Defining Mental Toughness We recently released a whitepaper on mental toughness and how it differentiates top NCAA Division 1 and professional athletes. To start, the chances of athletes making it to the “big leagues” is slim to none. In fact, a high school football player’s chances of playing Division 1 is only 2.7%, baseball is… Read more »

5 Tips To Build Your Best Teams

A key responsibility of team managers is to figure out how to build successful teams that align core skills and individual roles well and knows how to collaborate effectively. It’s essential when creating teams that managers consider the skills they need, personalities required to fulfill the slots to the fullest, the resources at hand, and… Read more »

4 Best Practices for Adding a New Hire to an Existing Team

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You have a high-functioning team, and you’ve found your next great team member. Now what? The onboarding process is a critical part of integrating a new team member, especially when they’re moving into a dynamic that’s already well established and performs well together. Not only are they new to the company, they also need to… Read more »