As many states begin to reopen and businesses adapt once again to changing circumstances, employers need to rethink how and why they hire, and what needs to be done in order to create a safe yet effective process for hiring and performance management.

So, what will hiring look like now? We can’t call people into the office, we can’t get a read on them at the table. Employers everywhere need to take a second look at how they hire, what’s important to look for, and how they go about finding it.

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What’s more, in times of turmoil, we look to our current employees more than ever to see what can be accomplished with the talent we have and the resources at hand. Examining how to better utilize our existing staff to fill gaps, train others, and work more effectively together will be the key to weathering the storm.

What Does Hiring Look Like Now?

Most employers are moving to fully remote interviews. Bringing multiple people into the workplace can pose a safety risk for both interviewees and employees, so moving to a remote interview process is a way to still get face time and interpersonal interaction while keeping everyone safe.

But now, without being able to get the same “read” on a person that you would in person,  employers might feel as though they won’t be able to hire as effectively as they’re used to. But with the right questions and a good understanding of individual potential, hiring top talent can be just as viable in a remote setting.

Even if your organization still decides to implement the right safety precautions to bring candidates in, hiring the right person the first time is more important than ever. In a time of high unemployment, it’s critical to keep turnover down and ensure productivity remains steady.. As such, tools like personality assessments become especially useful in making sure you find the right person for the job.

Using the Caliper Profile for Selection

The Caliper Profile allows hiring managers to gauge an employees innate abilities and personality traits as they compare to the specific needs of the role they’re interviewing for. These insights help provide greater guidance on the right candidates for the role. Using a personality assessment, rather than gut feeling or experience alone, makes for a more well-rounded understanding of the candidate and their potential success both in the role and within the company.

Using tools like scorecards and personality assessments, and having multiple interviewers compare notes means the inherent risk of hiring is lower, and the likelihood of a high-quality hire goes up exponentially. At a time when turnover is especially costly, taking the extra steps during the interview process could make all the difference.

The Selection Report puts the results of an individual’s Caliper Profile into the context of the role you’re seeking to fill, meaning that you not only have a better understanding of a candidate’s core competencies, but you also understand how those competencies match up to the ones specifically needed to do the job well.

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Leveraging What Your Organization Has Now

It’s also important to remember, however, that hiring isn’t the only option for filling roles within the company. The Caliper Profile can be used for talent development beyond just hiring and selection. Having a better understanding of the innate skills and personality traits of your employees also provides an opportunity to see what they’re capable of. It’s a good way to build new teams, promote internally, or build new skills in order to take on new responsibilities. In some circumstances, a title change and pay increase is much more cost effective than hiring a new person. Thinking creatively can be the key to managing organizational needs while balancing costs and economic uncertainty.

Using the Caliper Profile for Development

The Caliper Essentials for Coaching Report applies natural strengths, inherent challenges, and individual behaviors to help better develop employees and work within their unique work styles in order to help them reach their full potential.

In a COVID workplace, developing your talent to help them be their best is an effective way to manage budget volatility while maintaining productivity and improving organizational performance. The Coaching Report helps hiring managers make more informed decisions about staffing and personnel needs and helps companies leverage their greatest asset in a time of uncertainty — their people.

To learn more about how the Caliper Profile can help your business make better hiring and talent management decisions as well as navigate the COVID-19 talent landscape, reach out to experts today and schedule a free consultation.