A lot of companies are doing okay. Perhaps they’re in the middle of the pack, or maybe they’re beginning to lag behind. The frustrating part for leaders is that they know the potential is there for greatness. The question is how to diagnose what’s wrong and then start moving things in the right direction.

That’s the topic of Caliper’s free webinar on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 12 pm Eastern Time entitled The 7 Secrets of Organizational Effectiveness and How Assessments Help You Get There.

During this session, Caliper’s Director of Organizational Research, Jennie Hollman, PhD, will discuss:

  • The true definition of organizational effectiveness
  • How to create an Organizational Effectiveness Profile based on your company’s performance objectives
  • How to diagnose your company’s current state of effectiveness relative to performance objectives and assess the risks associated with changing vs. maintaining the status quo

Register here! Did we mention it’s free?