Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time for some new box office-smashing superhero movies. This past weekend saw the release of Ant-Man, and Fantastic Fourpremieres at the end of the month.

In both films, audiences will watch ordinary people suddenly have superpowers thrust upon them by someone or something. In Ant-Man, an ex-convict is convinced to test out a suit with shrinking ability, while the Fantastic Four are exposed to cosmic rays during a scientific mission gone wrong.

Armed with new powers but unsure of how to harness them, these individuals need time to figure out how to develop their new talents. And not only that, they need help from an expert.

The same can be said for your new hires. These are employees with tons of potential who have been placed in new roles in unfamiliar environments.

Luckily for us in the real world, we have the tools we need to create a clear path for talent development. From personality assessments like the Caliper Profile to mentoring programs and team building initiatives, companies today have access to the resources they need to harness their employees’ abilities.

Talent development programs help individuals maximize their unique strengths and their potential to ensure they succeed in their new positions, and these programs can also help to identify future roles for which your employees are ideally suited. Still, even though these powerful tools are available, how can you be sure you’re prepared to provide the training needed turn your new hire into a full-blown superhero?

Well, just like Hank Pym holds the key to unlocking the power of the Ant-Man suit, Caliper Certification gives you the power to assess Profiles and effectively develop your employees’ talent.

Caliper offers different levels of Certification based on your specific goals, level of expertise, and use of the Caliper Profile. With the Caliper Certification, you can increase your knowledge about and independent utilization of the Caliper Profile. In essence, you’ll become your organization’s in-house expert on Profile graph interpretation, tools, and reports.

With the right tools and information, you will have to power to assemble your own Fantastic Four (or Fourteen or Forty) and harness their talents to help your business succeed.