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Caliper Certification accredited by the International Coach Federation

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If you’re an HR Professional or Coaching Consultant who thought Caliper’s Certification program was worthwhile before (trust us, you did), you’ll be even more enthused now. Caliper Certification has been awarded accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and qualified participants are now eligible for 6 hours of Core Competencies credits as well as 6… Read more »

Caliper Analytics & Caliper Certification now available in India


Though Caliper has been active in India for over a decade, we’re now offering direct access to our competency framework, full reporting suite, and online Analytics platform there for the first time. The launch of these new programs—coupled with a Certification program that empowers HR leaders and consulting companies to leverage Caliper solutions at attractive,… Read more »

Caliper Certification Puts the Profile Power in Your Hands

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Have you ever gotten feedback on a personality assessment from a Caliper consultant or read a Caliper report and wondered, “Where the heck do they get this stuff from”? Or, if you work for an organization that employs Caliper’s services….