Q: What’s better than a brand-new Caliper report that takes our leading-edge employee-assessment data and presents it in a pinpoint, practical, and easy-to-understand format?

A: An entire report suite that takes our leading-edge employee-assessment data and presents it in a powerful, practical, and easy-to-understand format!

From helping you select the best candidates, to supporting the development of your existing employees, to empowering your team members to take ownership of their own career growth, the Caliper Essentials report suite is an all-inclusive assessment solution. Based on input and feedback from customers, our advisory board, and Caliper’s internal experts, we designed the Essentials reports to present all the critical information managers and HR professionals need to know about applicants’ and employees’ strengths, coaching areas, and on-the-job behavioral tendencies in the clearest and most practical manner possible.

The recommendations provided in the reports are, as always, backed by Caliper’s criterion-based science, the gold standard for predictive power.

The Caliper Essentials report suite includes three versions:

  • Caliper Essentials for Selection, to assess external or internal applicants for open positions
  • Caliper Essentials for Coaching, to help coach and develop people in position
  • Caliper Essentials Individual Developmental Guide, to empower individuals to maximize their own performance

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