Caliper 2.0 has arrived.

That’s right; Caliper Analytics is now live and about to redefine the talent-management landscape, and we’re hosting a free webinar to prove it.

On Wednesday, April 8 at noon EST, our own Frank Costanzo and David Solot PhD. Will lead a webinar entitled Predictive Talent Analytics for Hiring and Selection, during which they will explain how Caliper Analytics provides clients with unprecedented information about employee potential as well as a transformative experience in hiring and talent development. Did we mention this webinar is free?

In case you are unfamiliar with Caliper Analytics, it’s a freshly unveiled platform in our Client Portal that opens up a brave new world in hiring, succession planning, and team development to our customers, and it puts the control in their hands.

It works like this: Once existing staff members or applicants complete a Caliper Profile assessment, their results enter the Caliper Analytics matrix and can be evaluated, compared, and contrasted—by our clients, at their convenience—using an array of customizable performance parameters and data filters. Clients can use this tool to spot future leaders, build teams based on variable sets of dynamics, and sort job candidates within a few mouse clicks. These are real-time functions. No waiting for reports.

Caliper Analytics is available in various option levels.