The Caliper Essentials Individual Developmental Guide provides insight into how your motivations and natural inclinations relate to the behaviors required for success in your role. This report is designed to help you understand and play to your inherent strengths, examine your performance in areas that may not come as naturally to you, leverage your preferred work styles, and create a meaningful development plan with your manager.

Use the information in this report as a starting point for professional growth. The report may provide you with new insights, or confirm things you already know. We suggest that you thoughtfully study these findings and, most importantly, share them with your manager, mentor, or coach. By doing so, you can then work together to identify ways to leverage your strengths and develop an action plan to address areas of opportunity. Such discussions, including your own internal dialogue, can go a long way toward maximizing your potential.

The report consists of the following sections:

Natural Strengths

You are likely to perform well in tasks and responsibilities that tap into these Natural Strengths.

For each strength, we provide a suggestion for how you may build on it. You may already be doing what we recommend; the purpose is to prompt you to think of what you could start or continue doing in order to further leverage your natural inclination. In addition, as you reflect on examples of your performance in these areas, we would also encourage you to be aware of when you might be relying too heavily on a behavior or when the intensity of an inclination may lead you to unbalanced results. By objectively looking at the results of your performance, you may be able to identify ways to more effectively use your strengths.

Developmental Opportunities

This section discusses behaviors that may not play to your inherent tendencies, but are still important for success in your role. The results of your Caliper Profile suggest that they do not come as naturally for you as do your strengths. Work activities that require these behaviors may not feel particularly rewarding, and you could find that you are less eager to take them on. As a result, you might that find that you have to apply extra focus in order to perform effectively in these areas, especially in comparison with your strengths.

Leveraging Your Work Styles

This section highlights how your preferred work style may show itself across four Performance Areas: Communication, Interpersonal Dynamics, Problem Solving and Decision Making, and Personal Organization and Time Management.

For each area, we provide you with insight about your preferences for approaching each area, your strengths, what may cause you stress, and what you might be able to do when you feel stressed. In addition, using your preferred style as a base, this report offers you input on how to leverage your strengths to become even more effective, as well as tips to develop in each area on your own or with your manager.

Joint Action Plan

Use the insight gained in this report, along with other feedback and conversations with your manager, coach, or mentor, as a guide to work together to create an action plan for the behavioral changes that would be the most beneficial for your performance and development. Keep in mind that you should create SMART Goals that are Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound. Creating SMART Goals together should generate a sense of accountability. It may also be helpful to leverage your strengths when determining how to take action on your developmental areas.

To help you with developing an action plan, we have made available an Interactive Joint Action Plan, which you can download here. The format for our developmental planning process contains six simple sections:

  1. Goals
  2. Behavioral Changes
  3. Resources and Strategies
  4. Practice
  5. Evaluate Success
  6. Target Dates

Your Caliper Account Team can help you with interpreting and applying the information in your Caliper Essentials Report as well as leveraging your Caliper Profile data along the entire talent-management life cycle. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them or to call 609-524-1400 for more information.

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