This SpaceX story is simply hogging all the cool, not leaving much for the rest of us. If you haven’t followed the event: SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket not only successfully deployed a Japanese communications satellite into orbit Friday, it also flew back to Earth and landed on a platform floating in the ocean. These sound like details from a 1950s science fiction movie, minus the man-eating alien stowaway that secretly returns in the ship’s cargo hold (let’s hope, anyway). We’re talking about a company called SpaceX run by a guy named Elon Musk, and one of their products is a rocket ship called Falcon 9 (just four easy payments of a billion dollars). How cool is that?

The satellite launch is impressive enough, but sticking the return landing… that requires some serious science.

At Caliper, we are all about the science as well, both our own and that of others. While our science may not be as dramatic and breathtaking as a rocket launch, we take ours just as seriously as any other company that is passionate about advancing the state of its industry.

What does all that mean for you? Well, for one thing, Caliper, like SpaceX, is all about refining our products through constant research and testing, so that you’ll be getting leading-edge pre-employment evaluations on your job candidates and making more informed hiring decisions. And this is just the springboard for a broad spectrum of talent-development and strategic-alignment opportunities.

For example, our Onboarding program can help your new hires “stick the landing” like the Falcon 9 stuck that platform. Through a Caliper-guided onboarding effort, you will be able to maximize new staff members’ productivity sooner and integrate them into the organizational culture more effectively.

Like many of the solutions Caliper offers its clients, onboarding is an integrated process that involves assessing the new hire’s intrinsic strengths and motivations, developing action plans, coaching them along a timeline, and, most importantly, fostering the involvement of and collaboration between the employee, the employee’s supervisor, and the Caliper facilitator. Kind of like rocket stages that all work along a precise sequence to carry its payload into the stratosphere.

Maybe “Caliper Onboarding” isn’t as outer-spacey sounding as Falcon 9, but it is as helpful for launching your employees’ careers as that rocket ship is for launching satellites.