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Caliper On Campus

Enhance HR Students’ Employability

Enhance Your Human Resources Curriculum

Integrate Real-World Case Studies, Data, and Certification into Student Learning

For 60 years, Caliper has been the pioneer in the assessment industry in helping human resources professionals, in organizations of all sizes, hire and develop top performers.

Now, colleges, universities, and other schools offering Human Resources programs can give their students the upper hand by providing Caliper Profile learning into their HR curriculum for hands-on learning scenarios. Students will gain valuable experience into how assessments are used in the HR profession and equip them to address employee selection, career planning, performance management, diversity, and organizational development issues.

The program’s construction lends itself to increased employability in HR students.

Primary Program Objectives

Enrich learning experiences for, and increase employability of, HR and Management students
Caliper Profile mockup on a laptop with data points
Make the Caliper Profile and data available for use by researchers

Complete Program

Innovative Faculty

Caliper will work with your faculty providing hands-on, practical experience to incorporate the Caliper Profile assessment into your curriculum. Your faculty will become Caliper Certified experts and be able to connect with a community of educators to further their education.

Curriculum Support

Case studies and applied data are embedded into the curriculum for guiding learning experiences in relevant content areas as defined by SHRM and AACSB. Students will be able to analyze, interpret, and apply data to address employee selection, career planning, performance management, diversity, and organizational development issues.

Student Professional Development

Students will complete their own Caliper Profile and learn how to best understand their natural tendencies, job-related strengths, and developmental needs to offer targeted recommendations for their professional development.


After students engage in professional development and data-driven learning experiences, they become Caliper certified, helping catapult their career possibilities! Caliper Certification credentials are recognized by SHRM and HRCI.

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