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7 Keys to Successfully Onboarding New Employees

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Hiring-managers, recruiters, and HR professionals are understandably excited when they find a qualified candidate who also interviews well. Depending on the length of the search, it can be difficult to resist offering a job on the spot. It may take a few anxious days, but, once all the hurdles are cleared, an offer is made… Read more »

Why Pre-Employment Assessments are Better than Ever

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The science of predicting job performance has changed a lot over the decades. While pre-employment assessments have long been predicated on quantifying personality, current methods are far more sophisticated than those of the past. The fundamental difference today is context. In the early days, personality research was exploratory and focused on defining traits. The resulting… Read more »

The Profile of a Successful Leader

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“Leadership” is a broad term. The CEO of a globally recognized corporation is a leader. The construction manager at a build site is a leader. The owner of a three-person insurance agency is a leader. Some leadership roles emphasize strategic planning, while others call for a focus on operational oversight. No two leadership roles are… Read more »

Heather Ishikawa joins Caliper as Vice President of Product Strategy

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Caliper has a new Vice President of Product Strategy! We already offer world-class assessment instruments and human-capital solutions, but we needed the right person to spearhead our product strategy and refine our product suite for 2018 and beyond. Heather Ishikawa, who brings extensive experience in product development as well as deep industry knowledge of talent… Read more »

Caliper Analytics & Caliper Certification now available in India


Though Caliper has been active in India for over a decade, we’re now offering direct access to our competency framework, full reporting suite, and online Analytics platform there for the first time. The launch of these new programs—coupled with a Certification program that empowers HR leaders and consulting companies to leverage Caliper solutions at attractive,… Read more »

What’s Your Human Capital Strategy?

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Depending on your level of paranoia, you either think that robots are definitely going to overthrow humanity, Terminator style, or that they’re maybe going to overthrow humanity…

Experience Diversity: Her Name is Rio

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We need a word for when virtually everyone recognizes a better way to do something but keeps doing it the same old way anyhow. That word would come in handy when we talk about hiring practices…