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Meet Eric Lane, Caliper’s new Regional Vice President, Pacific

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Caliper welcomed Eric Lane this week as our new Regional Vice President of the Pacific region. Eric will be leading Caliper’s account team that serves clients in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona, and he is tasked with strategically positioning Caliper as the assessment company of choice to prospective customers. He formerly worked… Read more »

Say “hello” to Joshua Priddy, Ph.D., Caliper’s new Chief Product and Innovation Officer

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This week, Caliper announced the appointment of Joshua Priddy, Ph.D, to the position of Chief Product and Innovation Officer. Joshua will be responsible for developing and refining Caliper’s analytics platform and digital solutions. Prior to joining the Caliper team, Joshua worked for Amazon, providing expertise and solutions in machine learning, data science, and analytics. His… Read more »

Caliper’s Steve Scialabba named Executive Vice President, Managing Director, International

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Caliper announced this week that Steve Scialabba has been named Executive Vice President and Managing Director, International. He will be tasked with overseeing and facilitating the growth of Caliper’s global offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Prior to his promotion, Steve served as… Read more »

Should I Hire This Person?

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Nothing can derail decision making like conflicting data. Have you ever read online reviews for restaurants when planning a vacation itinerary? You get 12 people saying Uncle Frank’s BBQ is the best they’ve ever had, while 8 others claim it’s the worst. The 12 advocates report that Uncle Frank’s Memphis-style ribs are tender and flavorful…. Read more »

7 Best Practices for Identifying and Developing Leaders

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A business faces obstacles on many fronts: competitors, changing consumer needs and preferences, and disruptive new technologies being the more obvious ones. The last thing any company needs is a challenge from within. That’s why it is so critical to hire and develop the right people, and why putting the wrong leaders in place is… Read more »

The Caliper Essentials™ Report Suite is Now Live!

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Q: What’s better than a brand-new Caliper report that takes our leading-edge employee-assessment data and presents it in a pinpoint, practical, and easy-to-understand format? A: An entire report suite that takes our leading-edge employee-assessment data and presents it in a powerful, practical, and easy-to-understand format! From helping you select the best candidates, to supporting the… Read more »

How Understanding Team Roles Can Improve Team Results

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A business team is a strange entity. You can gather all the right experts and specialists, put all the accountabilities in place, and even set the ground rules for how to manage meetings and handle conflict … and still end up with dysfunction. Given the increasing importance of cross-functional teamwork across all industries, it has… Read more »

Are You an Implementer? Defining Team Roles with the 4-Box

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If there is one personal quality that’s universally admired, it has to be “discipline.” We respect the determined person who can stay focused, avoid distraction, and see a thing through to completion. Whether that individual is attending medical school or building a full-sized Lego dinosaur, there’s something noble about the unwavering, single-minded pursuit of a… Read more »

Are You a Facilitator? Defining Team Roles with the 4-Box

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What do songwriters write songs about? How awesome some new manufacturing process will be? The joys of designing said manufacturing methodology? The efficiencies required for implementation? No, songwriters write about people. [They also write about cars, but aren’t those songs really about the people driving the cars?] Songwriters write songs about people because people are… Read more »

Are You a Creator? Defining Team Roles with the 4-Box

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“Not now. I’m busy thinking up a clever way to start this blog post. But, you know, I’ll be happy to meet up on the next available day that doesn’t end in ‘Y’.” Yeah, not everyone loves working on team projects or in team-oriented environments. This is no secret. A lot of us prefer to… Read more »