Author: ericbaker

Introverts, Extroverts, and the Rest of Us

woman yelling at a man with a megaphone

“Are you an introvert or an extrovert?” That’s the teaser for so many online personality tests, and why not? People like to talk about themselves (especially in quiz form it seems)…

“Bad Manager” Greatest Hits

rockstar with a guitar

The internet loves lists, and there’s no shortage of “bad manager” lists out there in cyberspace. From Seven Signs You Are a Bad Manager to Seven Signs You Have a Bad Manager…

(On)Boarding the Bullet Train to Job Success

bullet train pulling into the station

If you’re a business traveler in Japan, a tourist, or simply a railway aficionado, you may be excited about the recent debut of that country’s new high-speed bullet train, the Hokkaido Shinkansen…

Batman v Superman v Predictability

superman action figure with batman right behind him

Is it necessary to issue a spoiler alert before talking about a movie you haven’t actually seen yet? It’s not like everyone doesn’t already know what’s going to happen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice…

Your Employees ARE the Organization

man showing co-workers something on his computer

If you work in human resources or talent acquisition, or are a consulting partner in that business space, it behooves you to keep track of trends and developments in all things staffing related….

Open Letter to Small Businesses and Start-Ups

baby goat

Nah, we aren’t starting this open-letter piece with, “Dear Businessperson.” In a post that’s about changing your approach to small business, it would be ironic if we dragged out a tired cliché to make our point…

Talent Development is Still a People Industry

big data

Welcome to the age of Big Data. When it comes to making accurate predictions about business and world affairs, complex statistical analyses have supplanted the once-confident declarations of authoritative experts in almost every respect…