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A Simple Guide to Pre-Employment Assessments

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“Often the best solution to a management problem is the right person.” Edwin Booz Pre-employment assessments are tools to help companies select better hires. For over 50 years, companies have been using screeners and questionnaires to weed out potential bad hires and discover top candidates by assessing certain personality traits and skill sets during the… Read more »

Personality and Sales: Which Role is the Right Role?


Previously, we outlined Caliper’s extensive research in sales performance and the scientifically validated sales job models that emerged as a result. These Caliper Job Models are built from between five and nine core competencies, and each job model includes competencies related to success for a different type of sales role. Our previous post outlined each… Read more »

The Power is in Personality

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As candidates search for jobs, the most frequent request they get is to list their experience. How proficient are they at performing these particular job functions already? Before they even walk through the door, they’re asked to demonstrate the skills required for the role. But what if that isn’t the most important part? What if… Read more »

Personality Assessments: Are Your Candidates Too Worried About “Passing?”


Personality assessments are a key component of the interview process. Assessments provide objective criteria about a candidate’s personality traits and motivations, allowing for an unbiased view of how well a candidate will fit a specific role. For almost 60 years, the Caliper Profile has helped companies predict a candidate’s potential for success in a particular… Read more »

Building Mental Toughness in Your Sales Team [Infographic]


Mental toughness is a unique quality found in elite athletes that allows them to maintain fortitude under stressful conditions. But mental toughness isn’t something that’s found only in athletics. The same traits that make an elite athlete also make for outstanding performers in the workplace. By targeting and developing 6 specific personality traits, you can… Read more »

10 Best Practices for Effective Team Building

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As we approach the quarter pole of the 21st century, it has become apparent that the pace of technological change is not slowing down. Rather, we’ve come to expect disruptive, industry-altering innovation as the new norm. The impact of this economy on business and employment is twofold: Not only are people in task-focused jobs being… Read more »

6 Personality Traits That Make an Impact on Top Performing Teams


Building mentally tough teams requires mentally tough employees. In our latest whitepaper, our research team defines the psychological advantage of six essential personality traits that make up mental toughness. And while some people are more naturally inclined to possess these traits, mental toughness is also a skill that can be developed by honing in on… Read more »

Powerful Takeaways From This Year’s ATD Conference


At this year’s ATD Conference, we had the honor of not only hosting a speaking session on developing high-performers into leaders and moderating a panel on the power of sales enablement, but we also had the opportunity to bring our Mental Toughness research to the stage. We gained a ton of valuable insights and had… Read more »

How to Build High-Performing Teams by Developing Mental Toughness


We’ve been talking a lot lately about mental toughness in athletes; what it is and how to spot it. While some people are more naturally inclined to possess the traits that suggest mental toughness, it’s also a skill that can be developed. Not everyone needs to be a North Carolina point guard to understand mental… Read more »

The Basics and Benefits of Competency-Based Training

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Training and development play a critical role in important business outcomes like employee retention, professional development, and hiring processes like on-boarding. However, training and development is also a vital piece of workplace culture and employee engagement. Though it can be overlooked, employees need training and development catered to their individual personalities and learning habits. How… Read more »