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Remote Management: Navigating Talent Management in a Virtual Workspace

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Within the last year, 62% of employees state that they have worked remotely at some point in time. With an influx of people working from home, leaders have had to find ways to efficiently and effectively handle remote management. Challenges arise when organizations lack the flexibility and accountability to accurately measure and track their remote… Read more »

Professional Development Goals Transform Managers into Great Leaders

This article about performance review tips for managers was originally published in November 2019. It has since been updated as of November 2020. Employees depend on their supervisors to create a better work culture, motivate them, and coach them throughout their roles. Being an effective manager requires more than just managing tasks — it requires… Read more »

Rethink Employee Appraisals With These Performance Review Tips for Managers

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The end of a fiscal year marks the time for annual performance reviews, but in the current employment landscape, just how do performance reviews look? More than 62% of workers have worked remotely at some point over the last year.  With many of these employees still working outside a traditional office setting, HR Professionals have… Read more »

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Part 2

In the first part of our two-part emotional intelligence series, we discussed how leaders could demonstrate emotional intelligence in their workplace actions. We dove deep into how feelings and attitudes affect workplace culture and performance and offered insights into how to support your teams’ emotional and mental well-being.  However, emotional intelligence in the workplace doesn’t… Read more »

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Part 1


Emotional Intelligence has been much discussed over the last decade. However, today it’s more imperative than ever for you and your organization’s leaders to understand its importance so you can apply it practically to your own professional lives and model it with the employees you lead and manage. What is Emotional Intelligence: In simple terms,… Read more »

3 Tips to Motivate Employees During Performance Reviews

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Annual performance reviews are difficult for all involved. Employees scramble to remember their yearly goals and whether they have achieved them or not. Managers sift through a year of work and spend time summarizing thoughts and feedback for improvements. There’s a lot to cover and little time to do so, but we can help you… Read more »

Future-Ready Leadership: Preparing for the Future of Work

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We can’t predict the future, and this year has made it clear that leaders have to be ready for the unexpected. A proactive approach to what lies ahead means learning how to take every curveball as it comes and to lead with the agility and grace to keep your head in the game and support… Read more »

Organizational Culture vs. Organizational Climate

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Organizational culture is tied to organizational purpose. Why do your business? What do you hope to achieve? How will your employees help to get you there in a way they can believe in, too? Creating a sustainable work environment where employees feel engaged, loyal, and satisfied should be the goal of every organization. Good company… Read more »

Return to Work: How Good Leaders Can Facilitate A Safe Reopening

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Team leaders are preparing to bring their teams back into the office, and their primary concern is to lead their employees through this crisis with safety and composure at the forefront. During this time, there are a number of variables at play that can have a major impact on individuals workplace to workplace. This means… Read more »

Power is in Personality, Part II: Lean On Your People During a Crisis

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Organizations need to be prepared for a number of scenarios when operating during an economic crisis. Since the pandemic, the ability to plan for the future has become virtually impossible, so employers have to build contingency plans that are flexible and adaptable to varying factors. One way employers can accomplish this is by leveraging their… Read more »